Soft Skills

Turv Consulting : Soft Skills Development

To succeed at work or business, one must have professional knowledge and competence. That alone is not sufficient. Soft skills are associated with interpersonal skills, communication skills and personality traits. Being good at soft skills is as important to excel in an organization.

In organizations and institutions, Soft Skill Development is ofter neglected. Some people are naturally good at it. For others, guidance, coaching and practice is the way to go. We understand the need to develop these essential skills, to enable individuals to present their point better, more convincingly and persuasively.

About Us

Turv Consulting is a training and consulting firm focused towards skill development, teaching and practicing relevant skills and knowledge required for not only performing assigned duties, but go beyond. It opens your door to learning, making the process fun, interesting and challenging. Learning to lead. Lead to Excel.

@Turv, we believe individuals and organizations have tremendous potential. We need to only unlock the true spirit, enable, empower and Trust them. They will do wonders.