Turv: Leadership

Effective leadership is defined by results; Not attributes.

Leadership Development

Leadership is the ability of an individual or organization, to inspire, motivates, leads and drives a set of people or organization towards a common vision, to collectively achieve organizational goals. Leaders are not necessarily managers. But managers need to be effective leaders. Leadership does not come with position of power.

One does not become leader overnight. It is a set of qualities, that need to be inculcated and developed in over a period of time. One has to practice leadership, at work, at home, in all spheres of life (though it is most rewarded at work).

The leadership workshops covers the basic leadership qualities, how can one develop the qualities, and how to practice it in day to day life. The workshop will not transform you into leaders. It will guide you to the path of becoming one. And guide you along the way.

About Us

Turv Consulting is a training and consulting firm focused towards skill development, teaching and practicing relevant skills and knowledge required for not only performing assigned duties, but go beyond. It opens your door to learning, making the process fun, interesting and challenging. Learning to lead. Lead to Excel.

@Turv, we believe individuals and organizations have tremendous potential. We need to only unlock the true spirit, enable, empower and Trust them. They will do wonders.