E-Commerce and Digital Marketing is a course designed for International Business Students. It is an amalgamation of certain topics from E-Commerce and aspects of Digital marketing, aimed at giving an exposure of E-Commerce and its potential, Introduce Digital Marketing and its role in International Business, Familiarize with various platforms for digital marketing and its capabilities, Teach the basics of creating webstore for International trade and Conceptualizing and managing marketing campaigns on various digital platforms.

Course Outline:

The course will cover the following:

1.       E-commerce and Digital Marketing.

2.       Digital Marketing tools and platforms.

3.       Webstore, components and process to create a webstore.

4.       Creating and managing Digital Marketing campaigns.

5.       Conceptual understanding through readings, examples, and cases.

6.       Practical Exposure via projects.


The course is designed to give participant an overview of E-Commerce Industry, Broaden their Horizons and develop deeper understanding about E-Commerce . Objectives of the program are

  1. Basics of E-Commerce, Introduction, History and Growth
  2. The changing face of industry and impact of E-commerce on various Businesses.
  3. Strategy and marketing principles applicable to E-commerce industry.
  4. Business Models.
  5. Implementing E-commerce for various businesses.
  6. Regulatory environment for E-commerce.
  7. Exposure via projects and field visits.


MBA Students, Other Gradate and Post Graduate students who are looking to be Entrepreneurs.


20 Sessions Plus Visits, project, field work etc.