Turv: Team Building

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Building Powerful Teams

Teams need to be build, over a period of time, nurturing it, grooming it, binding it. A team can achieve together what all members of the team cannot achieve together.

Team Building module is aimed towards educating people managers, empowering them to build strong, dependable and self driven teams. It is amazing how much more a team can achieve when all members are performing at their optimal levels, and higher, reliably; where the manager does not have to constantly monitor individuals. Take that part away, and managers have now so much more they can achieve. But before that, there's a lot to be done, to get the team to that level or performance.

About Us

Turv Consulting is a training and consulting firm focused towards skill development, teaching and practicing relevant skills and knowledge required for not only performing assigned duties, but go beyond. It opens your door to learning, making the process fun, interesting and challenging. Learning to lead. Lead to Excel.

@Turv, we believe individuals and organizations have tremendous potential. We need to only unlock the true spirit, enable, empower and Trust them. They will do wonders.