Soft Skills

Soft Skills Development: Negotiation Skills

To be able to see and capitalize upon opportunities during a negotiation is realizing its full value.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiations is a part of everyday life, whether we realize it or not. In simple words, negotiations is a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

Basic Module

The basic module is a half day to one day workshop. It covers the basics of negotiations, the theory and psychology behind the process and culminates in an exercise where the participant practice the teachings.

Advanced Module

Advanced module is a 2 day workshop, covering the basics as well as some advanced concepts of negotiations. It has multiple exercises that give a chance to the participants to practice and understand the concepts better. Exercise are followed by teaching lessons and comments from the instructor.

Complete Course

The complete course entails the concepts of negotiations in detail. The course requires a lot more work and effort from the participants (and the instructor) as it involves individual and group exercises, presentations by participants. The course is spread over multiple days, few sessions everyday; so as to gradually learn and practice the concepts.

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