Soft Skills

Soft Skills Development: Business Etiquettes

No matter what you do, Your manners & etiquettes will have a direct impact on your professional and social life.

Business Etiquettes

Business etiquettes are set of standard accepted norms, expected to be followed in a professional environment by all members of an organization.

Business etiquettes involves presenting yourself at work, dress and appearance, personal grooming and hygiene, communicating effectively, receiving and returning phone calls, emails, addressing and respecting your peers, superiors and subordinates, conduct during business meetings and even social event like business dinners and team events, even day to day conversations and general conduct at work. Following such norms vreates a positively enforcing impression about an individual and goes a long way in building prefessional and social relationships.

In general, business etiquettes is about conducting oneself at workplace. The issue is, these established norms are not explicitly documented in organizations. Following these norms make you more acceptable in the organization, and are often drivers of success at workplace. Members violating or not following these norms may be disapproved by the rest of the organization or society.

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